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Click here for Wedding/Bar-Mitzvah Demos

Web Clips

Rutgers Equine Science Center horse on a treadmill


Ellen's Ultimate Workout


Boca Woods Lifestyle Video. To watch in HD Click here


TV Commericals

Real Estate Commerical. To watch in HD click here


DNS Financial National TV Commercial Spot ECM Air conditioning

Natures Way Cafe Gentle Dental

888-444-Pain"Soul of the City"

Music Videos

David Yarock - Equine Scholarship Event



Click here to watch in HD - "Love Night" Reggae Music Video


Narrative Indie Film

Watch Trailer for the independent film "Secrets To Savor"

Scenes & behind the scenes for "Secrets To Savor"

Web Ad Clips

Web Clip for Pilates Studio Web Clip for Spinning Studio

Web Clip for Beauty Seminar

Concert Clips

"Kiss Alive" Kiss Tribute Band


John Holt Freddie McGregor

Click here to watch our Live Concert Recordings from Cornerstone Miami

Other Music Videos

Rock group Venejer live in Miami Hip-Hop Music Video


Motorcycle Ad Broadband Dial-up Real Estate Ad Broadband

Election day Video for Scott Brook- Mayor of Coral Springs, FL ( Broadband)

Corporate Video Broadband 56K Modem


Musician's Demo Broadband

"Florida Fights Back" A Documentary about the 2000 Presidential Election by Jeannine Ross & Bruce Yarock

More info/ purchase Watch Trailer: View Broadband View Dial-up

Political Commercials produced for

"Cleaning Up Bush's Mess" Featured on Fox News Channel, The Insider, MSNBC and C-Span.

Read NY Post Story about ad from 07/30/05 "'Draft Hillary' Group is Tooning up 2008 Push"

Read AP Story that ran in over 200 papers worldwide 08/01/05 "Florida-based group unveils New Hampshire TV ads for Sen. Clinton"

"Caucus for Hillary" ad for the 2004 Iowa primary. Featured on Fox News Channel and C-span

"Hillary Wins" Write-in Hillary ad for the 2004 Wisconsin Primary featured on Fox News Channel (Hannity and Colmes Show)


"Hillary Exposes Bush" Write-in Hillary ad for 2004 the RI, Vermont and Massachusetts Super Tuesday Pimaries.


"Write In Hillary Clinton" ad for the 2004 New Hampshire primary. This commercial was featured on C-Span & FoxNews (Hannity & Colmes)

Watch ad with DSL here

Watch ad with modem here

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