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"Greetings From The Holy Land"

Front Cover

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A four song CD featuring:

  1. "She's A Pali Girl" - She's a suicidal "Valley Girl". Like Oh Allah!
  2. "Intinfatada Time" - Welcome to Yasser's terrorist Kindergarden!
  3. "Border Crossing" - 2 "Would be" terrorists attempt to cross the border from Mexico to Texas.
  4. "Bomb Factory" The continuing adventures of Mohammed and Abdul in Palestine. Parental warning!

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1. Paypal - Click paypal link above to buy "Greetings From The Holy Land" for only $7.00, plus $1.75 shipping and handling anywhere in the continental U.S. and charge on the internet. This is a Secure Transaction.

2. Pay by check - click here

Special! - For an extra $6.00 get "Jihad Rock" CD when you purchase "Greeting From The Holy Land" Featuring "Jihad Rock," "Jihad Johnny" &"Terrorist Nightmares," plus 5 other crazy tunes

Buy "Jihad Rock" and "Greetings From the Holy Land" for $13.00, plus $1.75 s/h



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